Semantic Representation of Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines. Huang, Z., Harmelen, F., V., ten Teije, A., A., van Harmelen, F., & Ait-Mokhtar, S. In Proceedings of 6th International Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC2014), pages 78-94, 2014. Springer.
Semantic Representation of Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines [pdf]Website  abstract   bibtex   
Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines (EbCGs) are that the document or recommendation has been created using the best clinical research findings of the highest value to aid in the delivery of optimum clinical care to patients. In this paper, we propose a lightweight formal-ism of evidence-based clinical guidelines by introducing the Semantic Web Technology for it. With the help of the tools which have been de-veloped in the Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the generation of the formulations of evidence-based clinical guidelines become much easy. We will discuss several use cases of the semantic representation of EbCGs, and argue that it is potentially useful for the applications of the semantic web technology on the medical domain.

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