Parallel ranking and selection. Hunter, S. R. & Nelson, B. L. In Tolk, A., Fowler, J., Shao, G., & Yücesan, E., editors, Advances in Modeling and Simulation: Seminal Research from 50 Years of Winter Simulation Conferences, of Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications, 12, pages 249–275. Springer, 2017.
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The Winter Simulation Conference serves as the initial publication venue for many advances in ranking and selection (R&S), including the recently-developed R&S procedures that exploit high-performance parallel computing. We formulate a new stylized model for representing parallel R&S procedures, and we provide an overview of existing R&S procedures under the stylized model. We also discuss why designing R&S procedures for a parallel computing platform is nontrivial and speculate on the future of parallel R&S procedures. In this chapter, ``parallel computing'' means multiple processors that can execute distinct simulations independently, rather than vector or array processors designed to speed up vector-matrix calculations.

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