Data Concerning Melliferous and Medicinal Vegetation in Hill and Mountainous Areas of Romania. Ion, N. In University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iaşi.
Data Concerning Melliferous and Medicinal Vegetation in Hill and Mountainous Areas of Romania [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
In the last time, there are more and more discussions about the possibility of appearance of new kind of apiaries near the conventional and ecological ones, respectively apitherapeutic apiary, which are specialized in providing the apitherapeutic chemists and doctors with the different apiculture products that are pure and not unpurified (for instance, pollen of dandelion, mint honey, buck wheat etc.). In view to develop such an apiary, the beekeepers need to know very well the melliferous flora and the proportion of the medicinal and melliferous plants. Moreover the classical kind of acacia and lime honey there are other honey sorts, and in the same time, there are some specific kinds of pollen coming from the medicinal and melliferous plants, but the beekeepers has to know very well where to go with their beehives in view to get these kinds of honey and pollen. That is why the present paper has the aim to promote the areas with medicinal and melliferous plants from the hilly and mountain areas from Romania in view to rationally valorize this economic potential even by the development of the stationary apiaries or by the development of pastoral ones. For determination and promotion melliferous and medicinal vegetation in hill and mountainous areas of Romania with a view to acknowledge their contribution to a superior valorisation there were studied different bibliographic materials that are characterising the hilly and mountains zones. Taking into account the climatic conditions from our country and the good results the local beekeepers obtained, we consider that the hilly and mountain areas from our country are very favorable for the development of the apitherapeutic apiaries. The medicinal and melliferous flora from these areas can contribute to the increasing of the apiaries productivity and the promotion of the specialized apiculture in our country.

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