A Simple Analytical Model for Wireless TCP Utilization. Jacobs, S., Wang, H., Eleftheriadis, A., & Schwartz, M. submitted to SIGCOMM, January 1998..
A Simple Analytical Model for Wireless TCP Utilization [link]Paper  bibtex   
@article{ Jacobs98a,
  author = {Stephen Jacobs and Huayan Wang and Alexandros Eleftheriadis and Mischa Schwartz},
  title = {A Simple Analytical Model for Wireless {TCP} Utilization},
  journal = {submitted to SIGCOMM, January 1998.},
  annote = {Seems to make somewhat strange assumptions about the wireless channel behaiviour. Abstract: TCP performance over wireless networks can be poor because TCP assumes losses occur in the network only when there is congestion. However, wireless networks often drop packets due to random errors on the wireless link. TCP performance can be severely degraded when packets with errors are mistaken for congestion. We present a very simple, tractable, and closed-form analytical model for determining the performance of TCP over hybrid wired/wireless networks. We compare our model with previous work in this area from an analytical perspective. We also compare our model with several simulations. The results show that our model matches both the previous work and the simulations very well. We also provide a simple heuristic for determining when wireless errors will severely degrade TCP performance.},
  url = {papers/Jacobs98_Wireless_TCP_analytic.ps.gz},
  submitter = {Johan Garcia},
  bibdate = {Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 11:51:43 (MEST)}
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