Natural language processing through different classes of machine learning. Jain, H. & Mathur, K. In CCSIT, SIPP, AISC, PDCTA, NLP - 2014, pages 307--315, 2014.
Natural language processing through different classes of machine learning [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
The internet community has been benefitting tremendously from the works of various researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing. Semantic orientation analysis, sentiment analysis, etc. has served the social networks as well as companies relying on user reviews well. Flame identification has made the internet less hostile for some users. Spam filtering has made the electronic mail a more efficient means of communication. But with the incessant growth of the internet, NLP using machine learning working on massive sets of raw and unprocessed data is an ever-growing challenge. Semi-supervised machine learning can overcome this problem by using a large set of unlabeled data in conjunction with a small set of labeled data. Also, focusing on developing NLP systems that can contribute to developing a unified architecture could pave the way towards General Intelligence in the future.

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