Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD: Clinical Considerations. Jan, J., E., Asante, K., O., Conry, J., L., Fast, D., K., Bax, M., C., O., Ipsiroglu, O., S., Bredberg, E., Loock, C., a., & Wasdell, M., B. International journal of pediatrics, 2010:1-7, 1, 2010.
Sleep Health Issues for Children with FASD: Clinical Considerations. [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
This article describes the combined clinical experience of a multidisciplinary group of professionals on the sleep disturbances of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) focusing on sleep hygiene interventions. Such practical and comprehensive information is not available in the literature. Severe, persistent sleep difficulties are frequently associated with this condition but few health professionals are familiar with both FASD and sleep disorders. The sleep promotion techniques used for typical children are less suitable for children with FASD who need individually designed interventions. The types, causes, and adverse effects of sleep disorders, the modification of environment, scheduling and preparation for sleep, and sleep health for their caregivers are discussed. It is our hope that parents and also researchers, who are interested in the sleep disorders of children with FASD, will benefit from this presentation and that this discussion will stimulate much needed evidence-based research.

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