A Cancer Cell Program Promotes T Cell Exclusion and Resistance to Checkpoint Blockade. Jerby-Arnon, L., Shah, P., Cuoco, M., S., Rodman, C., Su, M., Melms, J., C., Leeson, R., Kanodia, A., Mei, S., Lin, J., Wang, S., Rabasha, B., Liu, D., Zhang, G., Margolais, C., Ashenberg, O., Ott, P., A., Buchbinder, E., I., Haq, R., Hodi, F., S., Boland, G., M., Sullivan, R., J., Frederick, D., T., Miao, B., Moll, T., Flaherty, K., T., Herlyn, M., Jenkins, R., W., Thummalapalli, R., Kowalczyk, M., S., Cañadas, I., Schilling, B., Cartwright, A., N., Luoma, A., M., Malu, S., Hwu, P., Bernatchez, C., Forget, M., Barbie, D., A., Shalek, A., K., Tirosh, I., Sorger, P., K., Wucherpfennig, K., Van Allen, E., M., Schadendorf, D., Johnson, B., E., Rotem, A., Rozenblatt-Rosen, O., Garraway, L., A., Yoon, C., H., Izar, B., & Regev, A. Cell, 175(4):984-997.e24, 11, 2018.
A Cancer Cell Program Promotes T Cell Exclusion and Resistance to Checkpoint Blockade [link]Website  bibtex   
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