Modeling and Test Case Generation of Inter- Component Communication in Android. Jha, A. K., Lee, S., & Lee, W. J. In The Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft 2015), pages 113–116, 2015.
	title = {Modeling and {Test} {Case} {Generation} of {Inter}- {Component} {Communication} in {Android}},
	booktitle = {The {Proceedings} of the 2nd {ACM} {International} {Conference} on {Mobile} {Software} {Engineering} and {Systems} ({MOBILESoft} 2015)},
	author = {Jha, Ajay Kumar and Lee, Sunghee and Lee, Woo Jin},
	year = {2015},
	pages = {113--116},

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