Requirements for ROHC IP/TCP Header Compression. Jonsson, L. Internet Draft, draft-ietf-rohc-tcp-requirements-03.txt.
@article{ Jonsson02,
  author = {Lars-Erik Jonsson},
  title = {Requirements for ROHC IP/TCP Header Compression},
  journal = {Internet Draft, draft-ietf-rohc-tcp-requirements-03.txt},
  annote = {The draft contains a compilation of requirements to allow TCP header compression. A compression scheme should be transparent to the end points, must not require modification to existing IP, must support IPv4 and IPv6, should compress mobile IP headers (IP tunneling), must be general (handle arbitrary TCP streams), should compress IPSEC sub-headers, support packets with TCP options even if options are not compressed. It should further provide low relative overhead (performance/spectral). Short lived TCP connections should be efficiently compressed (lot of context information is sent at the start of a connection, implying "context-sharing", and "context-reuse"). The compression scheme must be able packet misordering, and efficiently handle moderate misordering (2-3 packets).},
  submitter = {Stefan Alfredsson},
  bibdate = {Monday, March 11, 2002 at 08:55:21 (CET)}
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