Cognitive Development and Cross-Room Practices with Special Reference to the Montessori Method [Paper read at the 4th Annual Conference of the Indian Association for Pre-School Education, Hyderabad, December 1968]. Joosten, A. M. & Gupta, R. K. Around the Child, 13:73–77, 1969.
	title = {Cognitive {Development} and {Cross}-{Room} {Practices} with {Special} {Reference} to the {Montessori} {Method} [{Paper} read at the 4th {Annual} {Conference} of the {Indian} {Association} for {Pre}-{School} {Education}, {Hyderabad}, {December} 1968]},
	volume = {13},
	language = {eng},
	journal = {Around the Child},
	author = {Joosten, Albert M. and Gupta, R. K.},
	year = {1969},
	pages = {73--77}

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