Mining Postal Address. José Carlos, Cortizo Pérez, Madrid Ainetsolutions, José María, Gómez Hidalgo, Yaiza Temprado, Diego Martín, & Federico Rodríguez In IADIS European Conference Data Mining, 2008.
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This paper presents FuMaS (Fuzzy Matching System), a system capable of an efficient retrieval of postal addresses from noisy queries. The fuzzy postal addresses retrieval has many possible applications, ranging from datawarehouse dedumping, to the correction of input forms, or the integration within online street directories, etc. This paper presents the system architecture along with a series of experiments performed using FuMaS. The experimental results show that FuMaS is a very useful system when retrieving noisy postal addresses, being able to retrieve almost 85 % of the total ones. This represents an improvement of the 15 % when comparing with other systems tested in this set of experiments.

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