Fast Cross-Validation for Incremental Learning. Joulani, P., György, A., & Szepesvári, C. In IJCAI, pages 3597–3604, April, 2015.
Fast Cross-Validation for Incremental Learning [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Online learning with delayed feedback has received increasing attention recently due to its several applications in distributed, web-based learning problems. In this paper we provide a systematic study of the topic, and analyze how the delay effects the regret of online learning algorithms. Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out that delay increases the regret in a multiplicative way in adversarial problems, and in an additive way in stochastic problems. We give meta-algorithms that transform, in a black-box fashion, algorithms developed for the non-delayed case into ones that can handle the presence of delays in the feedback loop. Modifications of the well-known UCB algorithm are also developed for the bandit problem with delayed feedback, with the advantage over the meta-algorithms that they can be implemented with much lower complexity.

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