Effects of Increased Salinity and Inundation on Inorganic N and P Sorption by Tidal Freshwater Floodplain Forest Soils, Georgia (USA). Jun, M. h. & Craft, C. B. Estuaries and Coasts, 2010.
	title = {Effects of {Increased} {Salinity} and {Inundation} on {Inorganic} {N} and {P} {Sorption} by {Tidal} {Freshwater} {Floodplain} {Forest} {Soils}, {Georgia} ({USA}).},
	journal = {Estuaries and Coasts},
	author = {Jun, Mi. hee. and Craft, Christopher B.},
	year = {2010},
	keywords = {GCE, nitrogen, nutrients, phosphorus, salt water intrusion, tidal forests, desorption, sorption}
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