Knowledge Extraction Using Rule Based Decision Tree Approach. Jyothi, P., B., B., Jyothi, S., & Sekar, K. IJCSNS, 8(7):296, 2008.
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Text mining has been defined as “the discovery by computer of new, previously unknown information, by automatically extracting information from different written resources” [6]. Many other industries and areas can also benefit from the text mining tools that are being developed by a number of companies. This paper provides an overview of the text mining tools and technologies that are being developed and is intended to be a guide for organizations who are looking for the most appropriate text mining techniques for their situation. This paper also concentrates to design text and data mining tool to extract the valuable information from curriculum vitae according to concerned requirements. The tool clusters the curriculum vitae into several segments which will help the public and private concerns for their recruitment. Rule based approach is used to develop the algorithm for mining and also it is implemented to extract the valuable information from the curriculum vitae on the web. Analysis of Curriculum vitae is until now, a costly and manual activity. It is subject to all typical variations and limitations in its quality, depending of who is doing it. Automating this analysis using algorithms might deliver much more consistency and preciseness to support the human experts. The experiments involve cooperation with many people having their CV online, as well as several recruiters etc. The algorithms must be developed and improved for processing of existing sets of semi-structured documents information retrieval under uncertainity about quality of the sources.

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