DR-VNet: Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Dense Residual UNet. Karaali, A., Dahyot, R., & Sexton, D. J. In El Yacoubi, M., Granger, E., Yuen, P. C., Pal, U., & Vincent, N., editors, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, volume abs/2111.04739, Paris, France, June, 2022. Springer International Publishing. Github https://github.com/alikaraali/DR-VNet, ArXivDOI:10.48550/arXiv.2111.04739
DR-VNet: Retinal Vessel Segmentation via Dense Residual UNet [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   2 downloads  
Accurate retinal vessel segmentation is an important task for many computer-aided diagnosis systems. Yet, it is still a challenging problem due to the complex vessel structures of an eye. Numerous vessel segmentation methods have been proposed recently, however more research is needed to deal with poor segmentation of thin and tiny vessels. To address this, we propose a new deep learning pipeline combining the efficiency of residual dense net blocks and, residual squeeze and excitation blocks. We validate experimentally our approach on three datasets and show that our pipeline outperforms current state of the art techniques on the sensitivity metric relevant to assess capture of small vessels.

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