Automated Verification of Social Law Robustness in STRIPS. Karpas, E., Shleyfman, A., & Tennenholtz, M. In
Automated Verification of Social Law Robustness in STRIPS [link]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Agents operating in a multi-agent system must consider not just their own actions, but also those of the other agents in the system. Artificial social systems are a well known means for coordinating a set of agents, without requiring centralized planning or online negotiation between agents. Artificial social systems enact a social law which restricts the agents from performing some actions under some circumstances. A good social law prevents the agents from interfering with each other, but does not prevent them from achieving their goals. However, designing good social laws, or even checking whether a proposed social law is good, are hard questions. In this paper, we take a first step towards automating these processes, by formulating criteria for good social laws in a multi-agent planning framework. We then describe an automated technique for verifying if a proposed social law meets these criteria, which is based on a compilation to classical planning.

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