Genetic Structure of Marginally Located Pinus Nigra Var Pallasiana Populations in Central Turkey. Kaya, Z. & Temerit, A. 43(5/6):272–277.
Genetic Structure of Marginally Located Pinus Nigra Var Pallasiana Populations in Central Turkey [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
To determine the genetic structure of marginally located populations of Pinus nigra var pallasiana, seedlings of open pollinated families from 7 populations were raised in Kizilcahamam nursery near Ankara for 2 years. Seed weight (SW) and cone weight (CW) for families, number of cotyledon per seedling (COT), timing of bud set in 1990 (BS9D) and in 1991 (BS9I), bud burst timing of seedlings in 1991 (BB9I), height growth n 1991 (HT9O) and final height growth in 1991 (HT91) and final diameter growth of seedlings (DM91) were recorded. Among the traits studied, the component of genetic variation attributed to regions (ranging from 0\,% to 5.7\,% of the total variation) and populations (ranging from 0\,% to 9%) made up very small portion of the total genetic variation while variation among the families within population was very high (ranging from 11.5\,% to 91.5%). The estimated family heritabilities were moderately high for the most of the traits, ranging from 0.28 for BB91 to 0.98 for SW. Correlations between seedling traits and topographic variables were not significant, suggesting that effects of aspect, slope and altitude on genetic differentiation of population are minor. In general, phenotypic and genetic correlations between seedling traits were generally the same sign and magnitude, however, genetic correlations between height growth and bud set timing were strongly negative ( – 0.54). It was concluded that the marginal populations of Anatolian black pine maintain a large within population genetic variation in order to be able to adapt to the mosaics of micro-environments that exists in these locations. The implications of the findings in the study In terms of tree improvement and genetic adaptation mechanisms in the species are discussed in detail.

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