Maritime Traffic Evaluation Using Spatial-Temporal Density Analysis Based on Big AIS Data. Kim, Y. J., Lee, J. S., Pititto, A., Falco, L., Lee, M. S., Yoon, K. K., & Cho, I. S. Applied Sciences, 2022.
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AUTHOR = {Kim, Y. J. and Lee, J. S. and Pititto, A. and Falco, L. and Lee, M. S. and Yoon, K. K. and Cho, I. S.},
TITLE = {{M}aritime {T}raffic {E}valuation {U}sing {S}patial-{T}emporal {D}ensity {A}nalysis {B}ased on {B}ig {A}{I}{S} {D}ata},
JOURNAL = {Applied Sciences},
VOLUME = {12},
YEAR = {2022},
NUMBER = {21},
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DOI = {10.3390/app122111246}

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