Datagram Control Protocol (DCP). Kohler, H. & Floyd, P. Internet Draft,
@article{ Kohler02,
  author = {Kohler, Handley, Floyd, Padhye},
  title = {Datagram Control Protocol (DCP)},
  journal = {Internet Draft,},
  annote = {Specifies the Datagram Control Protocol which implements a congestion-controlled, unreliable flow of datagrams suitable for use by applications such as streaming media. Key features: unreliable flow of datagrams with acknowledgements; reliable handshake for connection setup and teardown; reliable negotiation of options; optional mechanism to allow the sender to know with high reliability which packets reached the receiver; Congestion control incorporating ECN and ECN Nonce; and path MTU discovery. DCP is intended for applications that require the flow-based sematics of TCP, but which do not want TCP in-order delivery and reliability mechanisms, or which would like different congestion control dynamics than TCP.},
  bibdate = {Monday, March 11, 2002 at 09:48:11 (CET)},
  submitter = {Stefan Alfredsson}

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