Identification of protein biomarkers in human serum using iTRAQ and shotgun mass spectrometry. Koutroukides, T. A., Jaros, J. A., Amess, B., Martins-de-Souza, D., Guest, P. C., Rahmoune, H., Levin, Y., Deery, M., Charles, P. D., Hester, S., Groen, A., Christoforou, A., Howard, J., Bond, N., Bahn, S., & Lilley, K. S. Methods Mol. Biol., 1061:291–307, 2013.
   Author="Koutroukides, T. A.  and Jaros, J. A.  and Amess, B.  and Martins-de-Souza, D.  and Guest, P. C.  and Rahmoune, H.  and Levin, Y.  and Deery, M.  and Charles, P. D.  and Hester, S.  and Groen, A.  and Christoforou, A.  and Howard, J.  and Bond, N.  and Bahn, S.  and Lilley, K. S. ",
   Title="{{I}dentification of protein biomarkers in human serum using i{T}{R}{A}{Q} and shotgun mass spectrometry}",
   Journal="Methods Mol. Biol.",

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