Adaptive Variation of Reliability. Kravets, R., Calvert, K. L., Krishnan, P., & Schwan, K. Proc Seventh IFIP Conference on High Performance Networking (HPN'97), White Plains, April, 1997.
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@article{ Kravets97,
  author = {R. Kravets and K. L. Calvert and P. Krishnan and K. Schwan},
  title = {Adaptive Variation of Reliability},
  journal = {Proc Seventh IFIP Conference on High Performance Networking (HPN'97), White Plains},
  year = {1997},
  month = {April},
  annote = {Describes a window-based partially reliable transport protocol that uses NACKs to request retransmission of lost packet that falls outside the allowed partial reliability. Reliabilty is specified using Max consecutive losses, high loss percentage and losses per window (a la Gong&Parulkar)Several parallell streams with varying relibility can be used and each packet assigned to the stream of matching relibility. Also discuss image transfer and distributed simulation applications using the protocol. How to perform adapatation of the reliability level is also discussed. },
  url = {papers/},
  bibdate = {Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 17:26:40 (CEST)},
  submitter = {Johan Garcia}

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