Time-Resolved Aerosol Collector for CCSEM/EDX Single-Particle Analysis. Laskin, A., Iedema, M., J., & Cowin, J., P. Aerosol Science and Technology, 37(3):246-260, 3, 2003.
Time-Resolved Aerosol Collector for CCSEM/EDX Single-Particle Analysis [pdf]Paper  Time-Resolved Aerosol Collector for CCSEM/EDX Single-Particle Analysis [link]Website  abstract   bibtex   
An automated Time-Resolved Aerosol Collector (TRAC) has been developed\nfor sequential sampling of field-collected aerosols for laboratory-based\nComputer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy Dispersed\nX-ray (CCSEM/EDX) single-particle analysis. The collector is optimized\nfor the use of grid-supported 50 nm carbon films as deposition substrates.\nThe carbon films have low enough X-ray background to permit EDX analysis\ndown to 0.1-0.2 mum particles, including detection of low-Z elements:\nC, N, and O. The TRAC provides unattended sampling onto a set of\n151 individual grids, at sequential time intervals as short as 1\nmin. After collection, the samples are sealed and refrigerated pending\nanalysis. The utility of the TRAC-CCSEM/EDX approach is exemplified\nusing the aerosol samples collected during the Texas 2000 Air Quality\nStudy (August 15-September 15, 2000). We are able to follow the time\nevolution in the relative contribution of nonvolatile particles such\nas ammonium sulfate, mineral dust, sea salt, and carbonaceous in\nthe aerosol makeup. The results show, among other things, the diurnal\ncycles in appearance of fine carbonaceous and ammonium sulfate particles\nand substantial mixing/coating of mineral particles with ammonium\nsulfates.

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