The Use of Unipolar Epicardial QRS Potentials to Estimate Myocardial Infarction. Laxer, C., Ideker, R., & Pilkington, T. j-BME, 32:64--67, 1985.
  author =       "C. Laxer and R.E. Ideker and T.C. Pilkington",
  title =        "The Use of Unipolar Epicardial {QRS} Potentials to
                 Estimate Myocardial Infarction",
  journal =      j-BME,
  year =         "1985",
  volume =       "32",
  pages =        "64--67",
  robnote =      "The use of epicardial potentials from week-old
                 infarcts in dogs to deliniate the infarcted regions
                 from the normal. Statistical manipulation of the
                 electrocardiograms was used to check this and high
                 correlation was found. Electrodes sense not only local
                 potentials but also other electrical events with a 1/r
                 drop. This study shows that at least old infarcts will
                 be detectable at the epicardial surface but does not
                 really prove the sensitivity to underlying acute
                 ischemia. thesis, Ischemia004",
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