Electrophysiologic effect of coronary occlusion and reperfusion. Levites, R., Banka, V., & Helfant, R. j-C, 52:760--765, 1975.
  author =       "R. Levites and V.S. Banka and R.H. Helfant",
  title =        "Electrophysiologic effect of coronary occlusion and
  journal =      j-C,
  year =         "1975",
  volume =       "52",
  pages =        "760--765",
  robnote =      "A paper on post ischemic arrhythmias from occlusions
                 in dogs. The occlusions are quite long, soe 15--30
                 minutes, and so this does not tell us much about
                 hyperacute infarcts, but still qualifies as acute
                 compared to the chronic studies by others. Refractory

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