Spin-Wave Propagation in Metallic Co\textsubscript25Fe\textsubscript75 Films Determined by Microfocused Frequency-Resolved Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect. Liensberger, L., Flacke, L., Rogerson, D., Althammer, M., Gross, R., & Weiler, M. 10:5503905.
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  title = {Spin-{{Wave Propagation}} in {{Metallic Co}}{\textsubscript{25}}{{Fe}}{\textsubscript{75}} {{Films Determined}} by {{Microfocused Frequency}}-{{Resolved Magneto}}-{{Optic Kerr Effect}}},
  author = {Liensberger, L. and Flacke, L. and Rogerson, D. and Althammer, M. and Gross, R. and Weiler, M.},
  date = {2019},
  journaltitle = {IEEE Magn. Lett.},
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