Psychometric Properties of the Body Checking Questionnaire (BCQ) and of the Body Checking Cognitions Scale (BCCS): A Bifactor-Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Maïano, C., Morin, A. J. S., Aimé, A., Lepage, G., & Bouchard, S. Assessment, 28(2):632–646, 2021.
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	title = {Psychometric {Properties} of the {Body} {Checking} {Questionnaire} ({BCQ}) and of the {Body} {Checking} {Cognitions} {Scale} ({BCCS}): {A} {Bifactor}-{Exploratory} {Structural} {Equation} {Modeling} {Approach}},
	volume = {28},
	issn = {1073-1911},
	doi = {10.1177/1073191119858411},
	number = {2},
	journal = {Assessment},
	author = {Maïano, Christophe and Morin, Alexandre J. S. and Aimé, Annie and Lepage, Geneviève and Bouchard, Stéphane},
	year = {2021},
	pages = {632--646},

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