HyperTensioN: A three-stage compiler for planning. Magnaguagno, M. C., Meneguzzi, F., & de Silva, L. In Proceedings of the 10th International Planning Competition: Planner and Domain Abstracts – Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) Planning Track (IPC 2020), pages 5–8, 2021.
HyperTensioN: A three-stage compiler for planning [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Hierarchical Task Networks (HTN) planners generate plans using a decomposition process with extra domain knowledge to guide search towards a planning task. While many HTN domain descriptions are made by experts, they may repeatedly describe the same preconditions, or methods that are rarely used or possible to be decomposed. By leveraging a three-stage compiler design we can easily support more language descriptions and preprocessing optimizations that when chained can greatly improve runtime efficiency in such domains. In this paper we present the HyperTensioN HTN planner, as it was submitted to the HTN IPC 2020.

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