Section 5: Salicaceae (Willows & Poplars). Marshall, T. F. In Ecological Flora of the Central Chilterns. Book II - Trees and Large Shrubs. Prestwood Nature.
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This groundbreaking work records every plant that has ever been recorded in a typical 100-hectare area of the mid-Chilterns that includes Great Missenden, Hampden, Hughenden, Kingshill, Prestwood and Speen, plus others that may be seen in neighbouring parts of the Chilterns. It is the closest to a complete Flora of the Chilterns currently available. While it is a scientific work, it should also be valuable as a reference to the layman who wants to learn more about the plants of the Chiltern area. For each plant its distribution, frequency, and main identifying features are described, with key sites where it is most likely to be found, illustrated by photographs. It goes beyond the traditional flora in also describing the main ecological characteristics of each plant - other plants and creatures with which it is associated, including gall-creators, leaf-miners, predators, etc, including their human significance, with an emphasis on local records. The book is based on a unique concentration of biological records for the main area covered, which go back a hundred years, not only of plants but also of all other species from fungi to mammals. While the author has been responsible for many of these records, he has been able to benefit from many other assiduous observers in the area in the past and present, and from records held at the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Records Centre. Many of the records have been contributed by members of Prestwood Nature, a community group of concerned conservationists that works towards the protection and improvement of the natural environment in the focus area. Each section can be downloaded free, although donations to Prestwood Nature are always welcome and will contribute directly to their conservation work. As the book is continually in a process of revision and correction as new information is received, updated versions of each section will become available from time to time. Register using the form below to receive updates, revisions and new sections as soon as they become available. Comments from readers, including typographical or other errors, will always be welcome and will feed into future revisions. For those planning to print out copies for their own use of this work, which is formatted for A4, page margins should be set to 1cm all round.

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