The Actions of Lyophilized Apple Peel on the Electrical Activity and Organization of the Ventricular Syncytium of the Hearts of Diabetic Rats. Martinez-Ladron de Guevara, E., Perez-Hernandez, N., Villalobos-Lopez, M. A., Perez-Ishiwara, D. G., Salas-Benito, J. S., Martinez Martinez, A., & Hernandez-Garcia, V. J Diabetes Res, 2016:8178936, 2016.
   Author="Martinez-Ladron de Guevara, E.  and Perez-Hernandez, N.  and Villalobos-Lopez, M. A.  and Perez-Ishiwara, D. G.  and Salas-Benito, J. S.  and Martinez Martinez, A.  and Hernandez-Garcia, V. ",
   Title="{{T}he {A}ctions of {L}yophilized {A}pple {P}eel on the {E}lectrical {A}ctivity and {O}rganization of the {V}entricular {S}yncytium of the {H}earts of {D}iabetic {R}ats}",
   Journal="J Diabetes Res",

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