Anisotropic 2D excitons unveiled in organic–inorganic quantum wells. Maserati, L., Refaely-Abramson, S., Kastl, C., Chen, C. T, Borys, N. J, Eisler, C. N, Collins, M. S, Smidt, T. E, Barnard, E. S, Schriber, E. A, & others Materials horizons, 8(1):197–208, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021.
  title={Anisotropic 2D excitons unveiled in organic--inorganic quantum wells},
  author={Maserati, Lorenzo and Refaely-Abramson, Sivan and Kastl, Christoph and Chen, Christopher T and Borys, Nicholas J and Eisler, Carissa N and Collins, Mary S and Smidt, Tess E and Barnard, Edward S and Schriber, Elyse A and others},
  journal={Materials horizons},
  publisher={Royal Society of Chemistry}

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