Ethylene Receptors, CTRs and EIN2 Target Protein Identification and Quantification Through Parallel Reaction Monitoring During Tomato Fruit Ripening. Mata, C. I., Fabre, B., Parsons, H. T., Hertog, M. L. A. T. M., Van Raemdonck, G., Baggerman, G., Van de Poel, B., Lilley, K. S., & Nicola?, B. M. Front Plant Sci, 9:1626, 2018.
   Author="Mata, C. I.  and Fabre, B.  and Parsons, H. T.  and Hertog, M. L. A. T. M.  and Van Raemdonck, G.  and Baggerman, G.  and Van de Poel, B.  and Lilley, K. S.  and Nicola?, B. M. ",
   Title="{{E}thylene {R}eceptors, {C}{T}{R}s and {E}{I}{N}2 {T}arget {P}rotein {I}dentification and {Q}uantification {T}hrough {P}arallel {R}eaction {M}onitoring {D}uring {T}omato {F}ruit {R}ipening}",
   Journal="Front Plant Sci",

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