A System to Build Distributed Multivariate Models and Manage Disparate Data Sharing Policies: Implementation in the Scalable National Network for Effectiveness Research. Meeker, D.; Jiang, X.; Matheny, M. E.; Farcas, C.; D’Arcy, M.; Pearlman, L.; Nookala, L.; Day, M. E.; Kim, K. K.; Kim, H.; and others 22(6):1187–1195, 2015.
	title = {A {System} to {Build} {Distributed} {Multivariate} {Models} and {Manage} {Disparate} {Data} {Sharing} {Policies}: {Implementation} in the {Scalable} {National} {Network} for {Effectiveness} {Research}},
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	year = {2015},
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