Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) of Historical Documents as a Shared Task for Archivists, Computer Scientists and Humanities Scholars: The Model of a Transcription & Recognition Platform (TRP). Mühlberger, Günter, Kahle, Philip, & Colutto, Sebastian HistoInformatics 2014.
	title = {Handwritten {Text} {Recognition} ({HTR}) of {Historical} {Documents} as a {Shared} {Task} for {Archivists}, {Computer} {Scientists} and {Humanities} {Scholars}: {The} {Model} of a {Transcription} \& {Recognition} {Platform} ({TRP}).},
	journal = {HistoInformatics 2014},
	author = {{Mühlberger, Günter} and {Kahle, Philip} and {Colutto, Sebastian}},

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