Parsing Rd files. Murdoch, D. February, 2021.
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R 2.9.x introduced a parser for Rd format help files. When integrated into the build/install process in R 2.10.x, it will allow easier processing, easier syntax checking, and eventually, easier conversion to other formats. To write this parser, it was necessary to make some small changes to the specification of the format as described in Writing R Extensions, and to make some choices when that description was ambiguous. Some existing Rd files do not meet the stricter format requirements (and some were incorrectly formatted under the old requirements, but the errors were missed by the older checks). The new stricter format is being informally called Rdoc version 2. R 2.10.x will include some changes to the format, including some Sweave-like ways to include executable code in R documentation files. This document describes the new format, necessary changes to existing Rd files, and the structure returned from the parse_Rd() function. It also includes some documentation of the new \Sexpr markup macro.

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