Exchange Bias in a Layered Metal–Organic Topological Spin Glass. Murphy, R. A, Darago, L. E, Ziebel, M. E, Peterson, E. A, Zaia, E. W, Mara, M. W, Lussier, D., Velasquez, E. O, Shuh, D. K, Urban, J. J, & others ACS central science, 7(8):1317–1326, American Chemical Society, 2021.
  title={Exchange Bias in a Layered Metal--Organic Topological Spin Glass},
  author={Murphy, Ryan A and Darago, Lucy E and Ziebel, Michael E and Peterson, Elizabeth A and Zaia, Edmond W and Mara, Michael W and Lussier, Daniel and Velasquez, Ever O and Shuh, David K and Urban, Jeffrey J and others},
  journal={ACS central science},
  publisher={American Chemical Society}

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