Repression of Interstitial Identity in Nephron Progenitor Cells by Pax2 Establishes the Nephron-Interstitium Boundary during Kidney Development. Naiman, N., Fujioka, K., Fujino, M., Valerius, M T., Potter, S S., McMahon, A. P, & Kobayashi, A. Developmental cell, 2017.
	title = {Repression of {Interstitial} {Identity} in {Nephron} {Progenitor} {Cells} by {Pax}2 {Establishes} the {Nephron}-{Interstitium} {Boundary} during {Kidney} {Development}.},
	copyright = {All rights reserved},
	journal = {Developmental cell},
	author = {Naiman, Natalie and Fujioka, Kaoru and Fujino, Mari and Valerius, M Todd and Potter, S Steven and McMahon, Andrew P and Kobayashi, Akio},
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