Weathering Properties of Wood Modified with Hydrophobation Agents. Nguyen, H. M., Militz, H., & Mai, C. In Hill, C. A. S., Jones, D., Militz, H., & Ormondroyed, G. A., editors, pages 205–208, 2007.
	title = {Weathering {Properties} of {Wood} {Modified} with {Hydrophobation} {Agents}},
	shorttitle = {Weathering {Properties} of {Wood} {Modified} with {Hydrophobation} {Agents}},
	author = {Nguyen, H. M. and Militz, H. and Mai, C.},
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	file = {pp205-208:C\:\\Users\\maicher\\Zotero\\storage\\5876NVHE\\pp205-208.pdf:application/pdf},

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