Sämtliche Werke. Nietzsche, F. .
  author       = {Nietzsche, Friedrich},
  title        = {S{\"a}mtliche Werke},
  date         = 1988,
  editor       = {Colli, Giorgio and Montinari, Mazzino},
  edition      = 2,
  volumes      = 15,
  publisher    = dtv # { and Walter de Gruyter},
  location     = {M{\"u}nchen and Berlin and New York},
  langid       = {german},
  sorttitle    = {Werke-00-000},
  indexsorttitle= {Samtliche Werke},
  subtitle     = {Kritische Studienausgabe},
  annotation   = {The critical edition of Nietzsche's works. This is a
                  \texttt{mvbook} entry referring to a 15-volume work as a
                  whole. Note the \texttt{volumes} field and the format of the
                  \texttt{publisher} and \texttt{location} fields in the
                  database file. Also note the \texttt{sorttitle} and
                  field which is used to fine-tune the
                  sorting order of the bibliography. We want this item listed
                  first in the bibliography},

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