The Interplay of User-Centered Dialog Systems and AI Planning. Nothdurft, F., Behnke, G., Bercher, P., Biundo, S., & Minker, W. In Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL 2015), pages 344–353, 2015. Association for Computational Linguistics.
The Interplay of User-Centered Dialog Systems and AI Planning [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Technical systems evolve from simple dedicated task solvers to cooperative and competent assistants, helping the user with increasingly complex and demanding tasks. For this, they may proactively take over some of the users responsibilities and help to find or reach a solution for the user's task at hand, using e.g., Artificial Intelligence (AI) Planning techniques. However, this intertwining of user-centered dialog and AI planning systems, often called mixed-initiative planning (MIP), does not only facilitate more intelligent and competent systems, but does also raise new questions related to the alignment of AI and human problem solving. In this paper, we describe our approach on integrating AI Planning techniques into a dialog system, explain reasons and effects of arising problems, and provide at the same time our solutions resulting in a coherent, userfriendly and efficient mixed-initiative system. Finally, we evaluate our MIP system and provide remarks on the use of explanations in MIP-related phenomena.

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