Semi-Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods for Clinical Trials with Incomplete Data. O'Brien, P. C., Zhang, D., & Bailey, K. R. Stat Med, 24:341-358, 2005.
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  annote = {LOCF was observed to produce markedly biased estimates and markedly inflated type I error rates when censoring was unequal in the two treatment arms";last rank carried forward;LRCF;"mixed model repeated measures performed similarly to cumulative change and LRCF and makes somewhat less restrictive assumptions about missingness mechanisms";cumulative change model similar to Kaplan-Meier piecing together of intervals;cumulative change and LRCF assume that "censoring mechanism may differ between treatment groups, but with treatment group the distribution of the change in the endpoint from baseline to last scheduled visit is assumed to be the same for completers and non-completers";errata 24:3385}
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