Evaluation of Several Double-differencing Strategies for Reduction of Unmodelled Correlated Errors in Carrier Phase GNSS Processing. O'Keefe, K., Johnson, K., & Alves, P. In Proceedings of ION AM05, The Institute of Navigation 61st Annual Meeting, pages 917–926, 2005. CP10
	title = {Evaluation of {Several} {Double}-differencing {Strategies} for {Reduction} of {Unmodelled} {Correlated} {Errors} in {Carrier} {Phase} {GNSS} {Processing}},
	booktitle = {Proceedings of {ION} {AM05}, {The} {Institute} of {Navigation} 61st {Annual} {Meeting}},
	author = {O'Keefe, Kyle and Johnson, Kimberly and Alves, Paul},
	year = {2005},
	note = {CP10},
	pages = {917--926},
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