GIS Analysis of Marine Geophysical Signatures to Decipher Depositional Patterns of Platinum Placer in Offshore Goodnews Bay Region, Alaska. Oommen, T, Kelley, J., Naidu, S., Prakash, A, Misra, D, & Bandopadhyay, S In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2005.
	title = {{GIS} {Analysis} of {Marine} {Geophysical} {Signatures} to {Decipher} {Depositional} {Patterns} of {Platinum} {Placer} in {Offshore} {Goodnews} {Bay} {Region}, {Alaska}.},
	booktitle = {{AGU} {Fall} {Meeting} {Abstracts}},
	author = {Oommen, T and Kelley, JJ and Naidu, SA and Prakash, A and Misra, D and Bandopadhyay, S},
	year = {2005},
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