Capillary-Driven Solute Transport and Precipitation in Porous Media during Dry-Out. Ott, H., Andrew, M., Snippe, J, Blunt, M, & Makurat, A In Society of Core Analysis Conference Paper SCA2014-25, volume 16, pages 10046, 2014.
	title = {Capillary-{Driven} {Solute} {Transport} and {Precipitation} in {Porous} {Media} during {Dry}-{Out}},
	volume = {16},
	booktitle = {Society of {Core} {Analysis} {Conference} {Paper} {SCA2014}-25},
	author = {Ott, Holger and Andrew, Matthew and Snippe, J and Blunt, M and Makurat, A},
	year = {2014},
	pages = {10046},

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