Supporting Usability Evaluation of Multimodal Man-Machine Interfaces for Space Ground Segment Applications Using Petri nets Based Formal Specification. Palanque, P., Bernhaupt, R., Navarre, D., Ould, M., & Winckler, M. In SpaceOps 2006 Conference, pages 5657, 2006. tex.ids= palanqueSupportingUsabilityEvaluation2006a
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	title = {Supporting {Usability} {Evaluation} of {Multimodal} {Man}-{Machine} {Interfaces} for {Space} {Ground} {Segment} {Applications} {Using} {Petri} nets {Based} {Formal} {Specification}},
	doi = {10/ghv2mr},
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	author = {Palanque, Philippe and Bernhaupt, Regina and Navarre, David and Ould, Mourad and Winckler, Marco},
	year = {2006},
	note = {tex.ids= palanqueSupportingUsabilityEvaluation2006a},
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