Virulence And Immune Response Induced By Mycobacterium Avium Complex Strains In A Model Of Progressive Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Subcutaneous Infection In Balb/C Mice. Parra Lopez, C. A., editor Universidad Nacional De Colombia, November, 2013.
	title = {Virulence {And} {Immune} {Response} {Induced} {By} {Mycobacterium} {Avium} {Complex} {Strains} {In} {A} {Model} {Of} {Progressive} {Pulmonary} {Tuberculosis} {And} {Subcutaneous} {Infection} {In} {Balb}/{C} {Mice}},
	publisher = {Universidad Nacional De Colombia},
	editor = {Parra Lopez, Carlos Alberto},
	month = nov,
	year = {2013},
	keywords = {Bacteriologia},

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