America's Youth and Community Engagement: How Use of Mass Media Is Related to Civic Activity and Political Awareness in 14- to 22-Year-Olds. Pasek, J., Kenski, K., Romer, D., & Hall Jamieson, K. Communication Research, 33(3):115–135, 2006.
	title = {America's {Youth} and {Community} {Engagement}: {How} {Use} of {Mass} {Media} {Is} {Related} to {Civic} {Activity} and {Political} {Awareness} in 14- to 22-{Year}-{Olds}},
	volume = {33},
	number = {3},
	journal = {Communication Research},
	author = {Pasek, John and Kenski, Kate and Romer, Daniel and Hall Jamieson, Kathleen},
	year = {2006},
	keywords = {Civic participation, media use, political awareness, social capital, youth},
	pages = {115--135}

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