Redressing Inequality in the Market for Justice: Why Access to Lawyers Will Never Solve the Problem and Why Rethinking the Role of Judges Will Help Colloquium: Deborah L. Rhode's Access to Justice. Pearce, R. G. Fordham Law Review, 73:969--982, 2004.
	title = {Redressing {Inequality} in the {Market} for {Justice}: {Why} {Access} to {Lawyers} {Will} {Never} {Solve} the {Problem} and {Why} {Rethinking} the {Role} of {Judges} {Will} {Help} {Colloquium}: {Deborah} {L}. {Rhode}'s {Access} to {Justice}},
	volume = {73},
	shorttitle = {Redressing {Inequality} in the {Market} for {Justice}},
	language = {eng},
	journal = {Fordham Law Review},
	author = {Pearce, Russell G.},
	year = {2004},
	pages = {969--982}

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