Dynamic configuration of sensors using mobile sensor hub in internet of things paradigm. Perera, C., Jayaraman, P., Zaslavsky, A., Christen, P., & Georgakopoulos, D. In Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, 2013 IEEE Eighth International Conference on, pages 473-478, 2013.
Dynamic configuration of sensors using mobile sensor hub in internet of things paradigm [pdf]Paper  doi  abstract   bibtex   
Internet of Things (IoT) envisions billions of sensors to be connected to the Internet. By deploying intelligent low-level computational devices such as mobile phones in-between sensors and cloud servers, we can reduce data communication with the use of intelligent processing such as fusing and filtering sensor data, which saves significant amount of energy. This is also ideal for real world sensor deployments where connecting sensors directly to a computer or to the Internet is not practical. Most of the leading IoT middleware solutions require manual and labour intensive tasks to be completed in order to connect a mobile phone to them. In this paper we present a mobile application called Mobile Sensor Hub (MoSHub). It allows variety of different sensors to be connected to a mobile phone and send the data to the cloud intelligently reducing network communication. Specifically, we explore techniques that allow MoSHub to be connected to cloud based IoT middleware solutions autonomously. For our experiments, we employed Global Sensor Network (GSN) middleware to implement and evaluate our approach. Such automated configuration reduces significant amount of manual labour that need to be performed by technical experts otherwise. We also evaluated different methods that can be used to automate the configuration process.

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