Adaptive contouring of a trivariate interpolant. Peterson, C., Piper, B., & Worsey, A. In Geometric modeling: Algorithms and new trends, pages 385--395. SIAM, 1987.
  author =       "C.S. Peterson and B.R. Piper and A.J. Worsey",
  title =        "Adaptive contouring of a trivariate interpolant",
  booktitle =    "Geometric modeling: {A}lgorithms and new trends",
  publisher =    "SIAM",
  year =         "1987",
  editor =       "G. Farin",
  pages =        "385--395",
  robnotes =     "A neat book chapter about a method of both
                 interpolation and contouring of volume data. Chris
                 found this one in the library (QA447.646) and we will
                 eventually get around to talking more about it for
                 Bruno's work.",

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