Importance of Forbs on Southwestern Ranges. Pieper, R. & Beck, R. F. Rangelands, 1980.
Importance of Forbs on Southwestern Ranges [pdf]Paper  abstract   bibtex   
Forbs, as a class of range plants, are often looked upon with disfavor when they occur on rangelands. There is good reason for this unfavorable view of forbs. Many forbs are opportunistic and do invade disturbed areas. If vigor of grasses is lowered by heavy grazing, forbs often incresae. Because of this phenomenon many range managers consider ranges with abundant forbs to be deteriorated. Some of thse forbs may be poisonous and can creste additional problems for livestock operators. With this reputation, it is not surprising that forbs have not ben held in high favor among some livestock operators and range workers in the past.

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